Fecal Contamination in Retail Chicken Products

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This study, conducted by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, concludes that fecal contamination is common in chicken products in US grocery stores. Chicken products were sampled from 25 brands of chicken, from 15 major grocery store chains, in 10 US cities. The samples were sent to an independent lab which found that 48% of the samples tested positive for E. Coli.

In total 48% of the samples were contaminated with E. coli. A sample of chicken breasts with and without skin were tested to determine if skin removal removed the risk of contamination. 49% of skinless breasts were contaminated while 28% of breasts with the skin intact were contaminated.
Only one of the 20 stores sampled did not have a contaminated sample. Following this 10 additional samples were taken to determine if it was sampling error, and 60% of the additional samples taked tested positive for fecal matter.

Spot Check Number: 2035
Sponsor: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Researcher/Author: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)
Animal Type: Poultry
Research Method: Case Study, Experimental/Modeling/Applications
Geographic Region: United States National
Population Descriptors: United States, grocery stores
Year Conducted: 2012
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