Grassroots Research Fund Deadline Fast Approaching - Spread the Word

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As you may know, last year HRC launched our Grassroots Research Fund, which provides up to $5,000 of research services to small animal protection groups.

Our goal is to help less-funded groups better understand their audience, measure their effectiveness, and generally improve their advocacy.

How can you help HRC help small animal groups? Please do three things:

  1. Donate to HRC by December 31st
    100% of donations that we receive in December will go toward the Grassroots Research Fund so that HRC can help more groups in 2012. DONATE NOW!

  2. Tell Small Groups About the Fund
    Applications are due by end of the year; tell small groups to check their eligibility and submit our quick application by January 1st.

  3. Apply to the Grassroots Research Fund
    If you work with a small animal organization, but sure to apply to the Grassroots Research Fund so HRC can help you help more animals! APPLY HERE

One of the most common questions we receive about the Grassroots Research Fund is, “How could research help my organization?” In the animal protection movement, smaller groups are often so lacking in resources that advocates cannot even imagine what they would do with professional research services.

However, there is a wide variety of research projects that could improve a small group’s efforts. For instance, research to learn the opinions of people in your area regarding the your existing campaigns, evaluate which advertisements or pamphlets convey your ideas most clearly, and measure the effectiveness of new programs. These are just a few ways that research can improve animal advocacy work.

For a better idea of the ways that the Grassroots Research Fund helps small animal advocacy groups, here is a little bit about the projects we are working on now.

Animal Rights Coalition: The Forego Foie Gras campaign is an ongoing campaign to convince restaurants in the Minneapolis, MN area to pledge to be foie gras free. Restaurant owners and managers can be more easily convinced to take the pledge if they are provided concrete evidence that foie gras is not a popular food choice and that the average consumer finds it cruel. To help facilitate the campaign’s goal, HRC is conducting a survey of people in the Twin Cities area regarding their restaurant eating habits and knowledge of and attitudes toward foie gras production.

Virginia Federation of Humane Societies: There is a debate in the sheltering community as to whether refusing to take animals surrendered by their owners/guardians will reduce shelter intakes and save more lives. One notion is that shelters should work with families to find resources to deal with whatever issues made it difficult for them to keep their companion animal(s). However, some advocates are hesitant to try such an approach because there are concerns about the fate of the animals that is refused surrender. This study will seek to determine if refusing owner surrenders saves more lives and will also attempt to understand the outcome for animals who are refused surrender.

These are just two examples of how HRC’s Grassroots Research Fund is helping improve animal advocacy efforts. We hope you will consider ways that the Grassroots Research Fund can help the small animal organizations in your life. Applications for the next round of grants are due January 1st, 2012.

If you value the pro bono work we’re doing for the Animal Rights Coalition and the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies, please donate today! All donations received during December will go to the Grassroots Research Fund.

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