How Often Do Americans Eat Vegetarian Meals? And How Many Adults in the U.S. Are Vegan?

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Short Description:
This representative survey of 1,010 U.S. adults evaluates how often people eat vegetarian meals and how many vegans there are in the U.S. The survey found that about 5% of the U.S. population is vegetarian, and about half of them are vegan.

Study Highlights:
Frequency that people eat vegetarian meals:
  • 6% One Meal Per Week
  • 4% One Day Per Week
  • 17% Many Meals But Fewer Than Half
  • 16% More Than Half But Not All
  • 5% Never Eat Meat, Fish Seafood, or Poultry
  • 48% Estimated Population Who Looks for Vegetarian Foods
Contrary to other studies on this topic, this study did not find large gender differences in rates of vegetarianism. 2% of both men and women are vegetarian while 2% of women and 3% of men are vegan.

Spot Check Number: 1900
Sponsor: The Vegetarian Resource Group
Researcher/Author: Harris Interactive
Research Method: Telephone Survey
Geographic Region: United States National
Number of Participants: 1,010
Population Descriptors: Adults
Year Conducted: 2011
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