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Helping advocates is our primary mission, and the Humane Research Council is a leading provider of resources for anyone working on animal protection issues. We write reports, conduct analysis, provide access to secondary research, and deliver alerts for new items (by topic), all for free to qualified advocates.

HRC's provides the gateway to a vast amount of information and resources for animal advocates. Our team of experts is constantly working to identify new research, analyze it, and share it with those on the "front lines" who can best make use of it. Below are the FREE resources that we currently offer to qualified advocates through
  • Database: Need to find specific research for your issue? Our database of animal-related opinion and behavior research is the most comprehensive resource of its kind. We have also written abstracts for all records and included the full reports for many of them. Learn more about the database and sign up for access.

  • Research Alerts: Can't always remember to visit and search our database? No problem! Sign up for our "Humane Spotlights" to get instant notification of new research on your issues via email or RSS. Each new entry provides a summary, implications for advocates, and links to more information when available. Learn more about the Spotlights and select your preferred topics.

  • Humane Thinking: Want more insight about applying research to your advocacy? HRC is often asked about our take on what research means for animal advocates. So we introduced Humane Thinking, HRC's blog where our experts provide their thoughts on the latest research and trends in the movement, and what they mean for animal protection. Start reading the blog.

  • Advanced Search: Tired of inaccurate search engines or always resorting to Google? makes all of HRC's information available to animal advocates through the site's advanced search capability. We ensured that advocates can always find what they're looking for, whether it's a database record, a full research report, or a blog post. Learn more about the search capabilities of

  • Personalization: Too busy to spend time on other animal issues? is all about providing relevant content through our sophisticated personalization options. Choose your preferred topics and receive Spotlights only for those issues. Or set up your personalized home page for a dynamic research "dashboard" showing the latest information about your issue. Apply for access today!
Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to research, a useful tool may be HRC's list of "Frequently Asked Questions." We have compiled answers to many common questions covering research, analysis, animal advocacy, and HRC. Read the FAQs.

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The Humane Research Council is a much-needed addition to the animal advocacy cause because it provides a unique service in the area of market research. For too long, the animal advocacy movement has developed programs and materials that are not developed with careful market analysis.

Kim Stallwood, Animals and Society Institute

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