U.S. Consumer Attitudes on Food Safety

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Short Description:
According to the results of this survey, lower-income consumers are more likely to make changes to their food purchases as a result of recent food scares. The survey also showed that consumers expect companies to provide information about recalls quickly, including a description of how the problem was fixed.


Major Findings:

  • 71% of U.S. consumers believe that the food supply is safe, despite food contamination issues.
  • 93% of consumers have seen or heard something recently about food contamination and the recall of related food products.
  • 68% believe that the number of food contamination is increasing over the past several years.
  • Due to recent food contamination issues, 65% have made short-term changes in the foods they buy, but will not change behavior over the long term.
  • 23% will seek longer term measures due to incidents of food contamination.
  • 29% show higher levels of concern about the foods they eat.
  • Consumers hold regulators responsible for food safety, specifically food safety regulators (49%), food processors (21%), and food manufacturers (21%)

Spot Check Number: 1005
Sponsor: Burson-Marsteller
Researcher/Author: Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates
Research Method: Online Survey
Geographic Region: United States National
Number of Participants: 501
Population Descriptors: U.S. Consumers
Year Conducted: 2009

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