Views on Contentious Practices in Dairy Farming: The Case of Early Cow-Calf Separation

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The dairy industry’s practice of separating newborn calves from their mothers shortly after birth is a controversial one. A web-based forum on the topic surveyed individuals who had no involvement in the dairy industry as well as those who had some connection (animal advocates, veterinarians, students/professors, and dairy industry professionals). The results showed little agreement on the topic. The authors review what demographic characteristics are most commonly associated with either camp and review the reasons respondents gave for their views.

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“The public has become increasingly interested in the welfare of food animals, but the food animal industries possess few mechanisms for public engagement. Here we present results from a web-based forum designed to allow stakeholders to share views on controversial issues in dairying. In response to the question “Should dairy calves be separated from the cow within the first few hours after birth?” participants were able to indicate “yes,” “no,” or “neutral” and either write a reason in support of their view or select reasons provided by other participants. Four independent groups of participants were recruited (a total of 163 people); 31% said they had no involvement in the dairy industry; the remaining 69% (with some involvement in the industry) were students or teachers (33%), animal advocates (13%), producers (11%), veterinarians (9%) and other dairy industry professionals (3%). Overall, little consensus existed among participants across groups; 44% chose “yes,” 48% “no,” and 9% “neutral.” Responses varied with demographics, with opposition to early separation higher among females, animal advocates, and those with no involvement with the dairy industry. A fifth group was recruited at a dairy industry conference (an additional 28 participants); 46% chose “yes,” 32% “no,” and 21% “neutral.” Across all 5 groups, opponents and supporters often referenced similar issues in the reasons they provided. Opponents of early separation contended that it is emotionally stressful for the calf and cow, it compromises calf and cow health, it is unnatural, and the industry can and should accommodate cow-calf pairs. In contrast, supporters of early separation reasoned that emotional distress is minimized by separating before bonds develop, that it promotes calf and cow health, and that the industry is limited in its ability to accommodate cow-calf pairs. These results illustrate the potential of web-based forums to identify areas of agreement and conflict among stakeholders, providing a basis for the development of practices that address shared concerns.”

Spot Check Number: 2304
Sponsor: Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia
Researcher/Author: B. A. Ventura et al.
Animal Type: Farm Animals
Research Method: Online Survey
Geographic Region: International
Number of Participants: 163
Year Conducted: 2013

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