Database Selection Process


What is the database?

The database includes research studies, academic papers, articles, and other publications that relate to public opinion or behavior about animal protection issues. All of the records selected for inclusion in the database provide advocates with important insights and/or specific data that can be used to inform and improve some area of animal advocacy.

Where does the information in come from?

The database includes thousands of items covering a wide range of issues and subjects. Our sources of information are equally diverse, including animal advocacy groups as well as research conducted by animal industries, trade groups, academia, market research companies, the mainstream media, etc.

Why is _____ in the database?

Please note that database items from other sources are not screened for accuracy. Some items may be included for their general interest to animal advocates, or to document positions that advocates may wish to challenge.

Why isn't _____ in the database?

We may not be aware of it. If you come across information that seems like a good fit for our database, please feel free to send it to us.

The language in this article is hostile to animals

Due to the very diverse nature of our sources and the content included in the database, HRC uses the original language of the research when entering new records. As a result, the database may include terms that many advocates consider inherently misleading and/or speciesist. HRC would like to assure our users that we are aware of the controversial nature of such terms and we do not encourage or endorse their adoption in any way. Rather, our intention is to be as unbiased as possible in our "presentation" of the data and to maintain integrity of the research by making content available in its original form.

More about the database

Please go here to see a list of categories and terms that we use to classify items in the database. If you have any questions or concerns about our database record selection process or how we present the data, please contact us.

Looking for full text articles?

If the full text of an article is not available, click here for other options.

How do we select database articles?

Want to know how we choose the articles that we share? Click to read about our process.


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