HRC Research Primer: Companion Animals (vol. 2)



This primer summarizes the latest research covering the overpopulation of companion animals in the United States, along with related issues including free-roaming and feral animals, spay/neuter, relinquishment, and shelter statistics.

The Bottom Line: Overpopulation of companion animals is a serious problem in the United States, resulting in overcrowded animal shelters and widespread euthanasia. The severity of the situation stems from breeding operations and lack of awareness and action by animal owners/guardians to sterilize their pets and keep them separated from potential mates. The problem is exacerbated by ongoing relinquishment of companion animals, and the large populations of feral cats that continue to reproduce at alarming rates. This HRC primer summarizes the available research regarding these and related issues.

For more information and research relating to companion animal overpopulation and related issues, see the separate HRC primer, Companion Animals (volume 1).

Please download the 6-page primer using the link below (you must be a registered user and logged in to access the file).

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