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Statistical Database of the United Nations

Provides a set of statistical databases including primary demographic information but also international trade data, "social indicators" and "vital statistics" regarding key objectives of the United Nations. Data is available in aggregate as well as by country or region.

Marketing Research that Won't Break the Bank

by Alan Andreasen
An excellent book that provides a primer for organizations and individuals to conduct marketing and consumer research on a tight budget, with practical advice and specific examples for nonprofits. Topics range from general research planning to specific quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Activism and Veganism Reconsidered

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by Matt Ball
A thought-provoking article including recommendations for focusing on vegan advocacy to maximize the reduction of animal suffering. Includes comments on specific tactics and arguments used to advocate for veganism.

Stanford Social Innovation Review

A subscription-based publication from the Stanford Graduate School of Business that provides research-based insight and analysis for social change advocates. A free blog and brief descriptions of all articles are provided on the website.

Up and Down With Ecology: The "Issue-Attention Cycle"

by Anthony Downs
Describes the cycle of social issues called the "issue-attention cycle" that appears to influence public attitudes and behavior concerning most key domestic problems. It discusses how problems "suddenly leap into prominence, remain there for a short time, and then - though still largely unresolved - gradually fade from the center of public attention." The article originally appeared in The Public Interest, Volume 28 (Summer 1972), pp. 38-50.

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